A Big THANK YOU to Our Participants/Vendors!

The team at RISE Financial Pathways would like to give thanks to our following participants/vendors who made our Unveiling a successful event:


Beyond Salt & Pepper Catering
Lynn Williams
Phone Number: 213.712.9463
Email: BYSPCatering@yahoo.com

Chino’s Dogs
Hoang Pham “Chino”
Phone Number: 626.435.7505

Erin’s Lunchbox
Phone Number: 213.910.0092
Email: erinslunchbox@gmail.com

Mama’s Hot Tamales Café
Phone number: 213.487.7474
Website: www.mamastamales.com
Email: manager-ile@mamastamales.com   

Mamita’s Delights
Claudia Lopez
Phone Number: 818.554.3987
Website: www.mamitasdelights.com
Email: clopez@mamitasdelights.com  

Morgan Bailey Premium Coffee Company
Daniel O.H. Morgan
Phone Number: 888.527.2708
Website: http://www.morganbaileycoffee.com

Tasty Mama’s
Sharine Xuan
Phone Number: 626.242.8195
Website: www.tastymamas.com
Email: sharine.xuan@gmail.com

The Chocolate Factory Emporium
Donna Solis
Phone Number: 310.977.5922
Email: dfsdonna@gmail.com

Arturo Avila
Phone Number: 562.313.8918
Email: Aarturus76@yahoo.com


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