2016 Grant to Serve Military Women Veterans

2016 Grant to Serve Military Women Veterans

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Los Angeles, CA., June 14, 2016: Bank of America, one of the nation’s largest banks, has awarded a $15,000 Workforce Development Grant to RISE Financial Pathways, a local South Los Angeles based non-profit serving underserved communities in Los Angeles County for nearly 25 years. RISE Financial Pathways introduced a new ground-breaking program for Military Women Veterans in January 2016, a severely underserved population. The grant will support RISE Financial Pathways new Micro Loan and Training program for Women Veterans—WOVEN-LA—Women Veterans Entrepreneur Network-Los Angeles. A program specifically for Women Veterans and their spouses that want to start or expand their own small business.

“This new Micro Business Program is particularly exciting as it has a specially designed curriculum and support system for Women Veterans and their spouses, utilizing proven training, small business planning and micro-lending success models” said Forescee Hogan-Rowles, CEO, RISE Financial Pathways.

The Micro Business Program will offer both “hands-on” classroom style training and Microloans. Microloans will be available to everyone that completes the 4-6 week training and follow-up sessions, compiles their business plan, and apply. The process is simple, but important. The Participants will find the process to be encouraging, supportive and sensitive to the needs of budding and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Bank of America is a Founding Member of RISE Financial Pathways, formerly Community Financial Resource Center (CFRC) and have been partnering on community development programs since 1993. For more information about this program and other programs available at RISE Financial Pathways, please call the offices at 323-233-1900 or visit the website at http://www.RISELA.org.

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