We brought ‘Drake’ and more ‘Tacos’ to Kiva


We’ve been toying with the idea of either creating or joining a Kiva Team for at least a year now. Yesterday, we finally made the plunge. Why Drake? Why tacos? Well, for starters, there were several other names considered – among them; Kiva South LA, Capital Partners, and other variations. We finally decided on something that would attract some attention…and hopefully, make you smile. So, Less Drake, More Tacos was born. Sometimes in the middle of this endless battle to save the world and bring change to  your community , you gotta remind yourself to smile..laugh..and enjoy the little things. Or as Drake would say “the little tings”.

If you’re a casual Drake fan and lover of tacos (who doesn’t love tacos?) then you can show our team some love and join. The more, the merrier.


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