Life on A Shoestring in Beverly Hills?

It’s all about cost savings and inspiration, stretching the dollars with day-to-day living for men and women!

by Christine Redlin, Author of “Life on A Shoestring in Beverly Hills?”

Beverly Hills has been my home as a single woman apartment renter since 1988 — and I never had 2nd income help from a significant other. The book tells my true tales about being fiscally savvy, as I pursue my creative dreams in the entertainment industry. In 2007, I found myself on a shoestring spending again in life, as I had a lifestyle change after my daddy passed away and I relocated mommy here — I had to cover her extra expenses, so I saved and respectfully worked extra jobs just to be sure her needs were met. Mommy was an amazing super senior, evolved at 92 she passed away peacefully in my arms 9-21-16.

“Life On A Shoestring … In Beverly Hills?” By Christine Redlin

Book Foreword by Louise Fletcher, Academy award-winning Best Actress 1975, for the Academy Award-winning best picture “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest“.

“Christine is an inspiring woman — giving the great gift of positive energy to friends, colleagues, and so many others who need a helping hand and a kind heart. Read her story, enter her world, and your life will be enriched. She truly represents the warmth and caring that is at the real center of life in Beverly Hills.”

– Hon. MeraLee Goldman, Mayor of Beverly Hills 1997-8, 2002-3, Founder, Amie Karen Cancer Fund for Children – Cedars Sinai Hospital.

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