RISE Offices Farewell

After 25 years at the same location, serving over 106,000 local residents and entrepreneurs, delivering over $10.4 Million in micro- and small business loans, helping over 315 families purchase First-Time Homes accessing over $300,000,000 in mortgages from area banks, delivering over 1200 workshops and training sessions, well, there was a lot to do!

There were files dating back to the beginning, original documents from 1993, photos, plaques, awards, client files and items collected and stored that we didn’t even realize were there. These items included old adding machines, computers, do you remember “floppy disks”?? Well, we found plenty!!! Old “white out” for typing, erasable typing paper, typewriter ribbon, and much more! It all had to be cleaned out, and we did it!

It took much longer than we thought, but client and confidential files were properly shredded and disposed of, as well as old equipment. In an effort to support our non-profit community, useable items and furniture were sold at very reasonable prices as well as donated to schools in the area.

Overall, it was a huge effort, but a satisfying one knowing what the future holds for RISE Financial Pathways…

As you know, we are making way for a new $32 Million Project—RISE Apartments, a 6-story, 57 Unit affordable housing complex for homeless Veterans. Please stay tuned for the upcoming “Groundbreaking Ceremony”, we are tentatively looking at the first 2 weeks of December, awaiting the Mayor’s confirmation.

With Warmest Regards,


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