Financial Education + Empowerment

RISE offers a variety of basic financial education classes on-site and at its partner agencies to assist individuals and families with making the most of their resources. Courses include budgeting, credit management & repair, basic banking, as well as socially responsible living.

Our financial education programming has been one of the organization’s most popular initiatives, among both clients and organization/financial institution partners. Designed to be portable, scalable, and agile, RISE’s unique brand of financial education introduces participants to an ecosystem that includes workshops, one-on-one counseling, training, access to financial resources (such as IDA, savings accounts, and lending circles), and supportive social services & resources offered directly from our community partners. This ensures that our program meets families where they are in their “financial wellness” lifecycle and efficiently addresses their most highest priority needs.

To learn more about the new strategic changes planned for our financial education programming, please visit 2021 and Beyond.