Low-Income Student Loan Borrowers

RISE Financial Pathways is currently working with NCLC (National Consumer Law Center) and a host of community-based organizations to address the concerns of low-income student loan borrowers and debt. The ad-hoc committee meets regularly to discuss future initiatives that can be implemented to address this issue.

Currently, student loan debt – topped at $1 trillion is at an all time high. Compounding the problem are state budget cuts which lead to tuition increases. As a result college students and their families find it difficult to finance their education. Those that enter school are faced with a difficult job market that creates challenges for those who need to begin paying back loans. U.S. Department of Education data show that default rates for federal student loans are its highest level in 14 years. This is especially the case for low-income student borrowers who are more severely impacted by the rising cost of education, high unemployment and loans that they need to finance their education.

If you are struggling to pay off your loans or have experienced problems with your school please share your story here! The National Consumer Law Center, along with other non-profit organizations who help students and borrowers, is working to protect student loan borrowers like you.

We encourage you to share your personal story with us. Sharing the stories of individuals like you helps lawmakers, the media, and the public to understand the importance of addressing student loan and school issues and may lead to improved policies for future borrowers.

If you choose to share your story with us, we will not share it with journalists or lawmakers without your permission. Although we do not provide legal advice or assistance about individual cases, other pages on this website provide information on student loan rights and responsibilities, including self-help packets.

2 thoughts on “Low-Income Student Loan Borrowers

  1. Please help. I am writing a book on the student loan crisis particularly in regards to how it affects people from low and lower middle income families. I am looking for real people to add their voices to the book. Specifically I’m looking for those who have student loan debt but NO degree. Please help me tell their story. In summary, I’m looking for people who came from low income families, who have student loan debt and NO degree. Only your name, age and city will be used in telling of the story although I would also ask that you send a face picture as the chapter will be called Faces of Debt. Please contact me at carolwolfmedia@gmail.com Thank you sooo much and best regards, Carol Wolf

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